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Drum Cradles, Drum & Can Tippers, Drum Tilting Stands

Get the drum handling equipment you need to move 55, 30 & 15 gallon drums in your facility.

We sell Morse Drum Handling Equipment and can supply you with drum handling equipment for plastic, metal and fiber drums needed in your facility today. Make your work life easier and get the job done safer with the right 55 gallon barrel handling equipment. Drum cradles, drum trucks, drum and can tippers are ergonomic, take the stress off your body, and help achieve safe-handling of your large barrels or 5 gallon buckets. Have a plastic drum? No problem. Our drum cradles work with plastic drums as well. Contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.

Essex Drum Handling sells:

We also sell Stainless Steel Can Tippers & Stainless Steel 55 Gallon Drum Handling Equipment. Need to move drums off of and onto pallets? We carry a line of Morse Drum Palletizers and Drum Forklift Attachments to make moving heavy drums safe and secure.

Order online or call (833) 574-2570 for a custom quote.

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Morse PailPRO 5 Gallon Can Tippers are a great tool dispense from your 5 gallon pails. Ergonomic Morse PailPRO TM 5 Gallon Can Tippers - Pail Tipper - Bucket Holder makes it easy to dispense liquids from your 5 gallon can into another receptacle. 5 gallon can tippers simplify and speed dispensing, while reducing risks of repetitive lifting. 5 gallon can tippers keep your 5 gallon cans in place and take the strain off your back. Drum Cradle Trucks / Morse Drum Carts for a 55-gallon (208 liter) steel drum or 30-gallon (113.5 liter) steel drum. The Model 32 Manual Drum Upender & Drum Tipper is designed to help move a drum laying on its side on the floor to an upright position. A manual drum upender provides the leverage you need to raise a horizontal drum to the vertical position. This drum upender is NOT designed to lower upright drums to a horizontal position.