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Drum Trucks for 30 and 55 Gallon Drums

Drum Trucks make it easy for you to move and position 30 and 55 gallon barrels in your facility. Essex Drum Handling has the drum trucks, drum dollies & drum moving equipment you need.

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These Morse drum trucks have trim, tough, all steel, welded construction for strength. Each drum truck provides you with ease of use at a low price. With this ergonomic Morse 4 wheel drum truck, you can load and unload a heavy drum with ease and move a drum quickly and easily in narrow aisles. Wesco’s Cobra aluminum 55 gallon hand truck is the only one you will need for large barrels or smaller 30 gallon barrels in your facility.
Wesco Pallet Jack, wesco pallet jacks, pallet jacks, pallet jack, pallet lifter

Lift and stack pallets effortlessly with a Wesco pallet jack. Carry up to 5,500 lb - 2 Year Warranty.