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Drum Rollers & 55 Gallon Drum Mixers

Essex Drum Handling sells Morse Drum Rollers (drum mixers) to help you mix and blend the materials inside a closed 55 gallon drum. Mixing contents inside a sealed 55 gallon drum eliminates hazardous materials spilling out of the drum and into the workplace. It's a safer way to handle the chemicals inside large drums. You'll reduce clean up, contamination, and eliminate the risk of injuring a facility worker by using a stationary or portable 55 gallon drum roller stand.

The benefits of using a drum roller or drum mixer are:
  1. Ensuring homogeneity of the contents inside your drum
  2. Remixing settled or stratified ingredients more thoroughly
  3. Easily raising and redistributing solids that have settled during storage or shipping

Morse Drum Rollers

Essex Drum Handling can supply you with the 55 gallon drum rollers needed to meet your manufacturing requirements. We sell an extensive line Morse drum rollers & drum mixers to blend contents inside your sealed 55 gallon drum without having to get your hands dirty. A drum roller or 55 gallon drum mixer has an array of advantages over hand mixing or hand stirring so call us today to get a quote on the products you need to mix your 55 gallon drums today.

Essex Drum Handling sells Morse Variable Speed Stationary Drum Rollers to rotate your drum at any speed from 1 to 30 RPM. Variable speed stationary drum rollers enable you to use high speed for initial mixing, then low speed for prolonged agitation. Variable speed drum rollers are ideal for experimental use or where you need to blend a variety of materials. Morse Fixed Speed Stationary Drum Rollers roll a 22.5" diameter drum at 20 RPM, which is an effective speed for mixing most liquids.

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Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers easily lift and roll your closed drum. The built-in hydraulic system lifts your drum from floor level and places it quickly and easily for rotation. Morse drum rollers mix ingredients back into suspension and blend contents of 55 gallon drums without opening the barrel or exposing you to chemicals while the contents of a sealed drum are moving. You will eliminate the messy cleanup associated with insertion mixers, and reduce potential contamination, hazards and worker exposure to toxic chemicals.

Compact, Morse portable industrial drum mixer and drain stand rolls closed drum to agitate the contents. The Morse portable drum mixer has a built-in tipping bar to provide leverage to assist in loading a drum upright onto the drum roller. Easily, set the drum back to upright position when drum mixing is finished. Mixing in a sealed drum gets rid of worker exposure and reduces clean-up. Rotating drums that mix or blend material inside a closed drum saves time, labor and money. Blend sediments and valuable ingredients back into suspension, and eliminate contamination, clean-up and hazards of worker exposure. Available in Single Barrel & Double Barrel mixer options. We also have options for plastic drums that lack ribs or roll rings for rigidity while on its side mixing. Learn more Stationary Drum Rollers

Benefits of Drum Rollers:

Drum Mixers and drum rollers from Morse Drum are great for blending the contents inside a sealed drum - mixing ingredients back into suspension - blending the contents of a 55 gallon drum without opening it - eliminating the messy cleanup associated with insertion mixers - and reducing potential contamination, hazards and worker exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

Call Essex Drum Handling today. We want to be your #1 supplier of Morse Drum Handling equipment in New Jersey!