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Drum Palletizers & Drum Movers

Drum palletizing equipment and drum transporters move drums easily

Morse drum handling offers a variety of ergonomic drum palletizers that will make moving drums easy. Drum movers do the work for you so that drums are moved ergonomically and securely.

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Move drums on and off pallets and spill containment pallets in an upright position with drum handling trolleys. The V-Shaped base of these drum movers allows you to raise and place a drum at the corner of  pallets. Morse Drum Palletizers and drum movers that pour give you the ability to move drums on and off pallets and drum dollies, as well as manually tilt the drum to pour at up to 26" high without the safety risks of manhandling heavy drums.

Morse Drum Palletizers & Drum Palletizing Equipment straddle an entire 48" (122 cm) wide pallet and have a lift mechanism that pivots to lift or place a drum anywhere on your pallet.

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This innovative drum palletizer and drum handler is designed to easily move a rimmed 55-gallon drum onto and off pallets up to 6" high.