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55 Gallon Drum Dolly & 5 Gallon Bucket Dolly

Round and Square Drum Dollies work for all sizes of drums

Get the drum handling equipment you need to move 55 & 30 Gallon drums or 5 gallon pails in your facility. Or they are useful if your drum has a spigot low on the side of the drum. We offer a variety of 55 gallon drum dollies that will allow you to easily move 55 gallon drums. For safe handling of larger drums you need to tip, choose drum trucks in a wide range of designs, materials and wheel options. Call Essex Drum Handling today for a quote. Essex Drum Handling sells Morse drum handling equipment.

We also carry Industrial Storage Cabinets, Drum Trucks, 5 Gallon Pail Heaters, 5 Gallon Can Tumblers, and Stainless Steel Drum Handling Equipment.

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Morse flat deck drum and barrell dollies with four rounded corners turned up to hold drum in position for use with your 55 gal drum (208 liter). Round drum dollies allow you to easily move 30 & 55 gallon drums with up to 23" O.D.