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Stainless Steel Drum Handling Equipment

Essex Drum Handling for Stainless Steel Drum Handling Equipment & Barrel Lifting

More and more companies are demanding high quality stainless steel drum handling equipment for use in the clean environments of their food and pharmaceutical companies. In response, Morse offers a myriad of 55 gallon drum handling equipment models constructed with type 304 stainless steel. These stainless steel drum handlers provide the corrosion resistance, durability, and wash down capability required in sensitive environments.

Why buy stainless steel drum handlers?

Because they are:
  • Made from Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Easy to Wash Down
  • Require Less Maintenance
  • Have a Longer Life
  • Are Non-Magnetic
  • Retain a Brilliant Finish Over Time
  • Electro-Polished (welds are not ground or polished)

In addition to drum handlers & drum lifts, we also offer stainless steel drum rotators... and we can make custom designed drum handling equipment in stainless steel to suit your company's needs.

If you are a pharmaceutical company, food manufacturer, or someone who wants the best of the best in drum handling, we have everything you need in stainless steel drum handling equipment, please call at (833) 574-2570 for advice & product information if you have a special application.

Essex Drum Handling has everything you need to handle stainless steel drums in your high-tech facility.

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Diameter Adapter Models, drum adapter kit, drum adapter, Handle a smaller diameter drum Stainless Steel Can Tipper Model 15-SS, 5 gallon pail tipper, stainless steel can tipper, bucket tipper, stainless steel bucket tipper Stainless Steel Below Hook Karriers Model 185A-HDSS
Many Morse drum handlers can handle several drum types and sizes when equipped with the correct size drum adapter and accessories for each drum. See how to handle a smaller diameter drum with a quality, Morse drum adapter.

PailPRO TM Stainless Steel Single 5-Gallon Can Tipper made of type 304 stainless steel Morse Model 185A-HDSS stainless steel heavy-duty below-hook drum carrier allows you to lift, move and pour a drum weighing up to 1500 Lb., or a half-full* drum up to 800 Lb.
Stainless Steel Drum Dolly Model Stainless Steel Drum Lifter Model 92-SS, stainless steel drum lift, stainless steel barrel lifter Stainless Steel Drum Truck Model 160-SS, stainless steel 4 wheel drum truck, 55 gallon drum truck, 44 gallon drum stand, 55 gallon barrel stainless steel drum truck, drum hand truck, morse drum trucks, morse equipment drum trucks, 4 wheel drum truck
30-Gallon Stainless Steel Drum Dollies for drums up to 20" O.D. Stainless Steel below-the-hook barrel lifter to transport drum in upright position. 4 Wheel Stainless Steel Drum Truck is made of type 304 Stainless Steel with electro-polished finish.