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Drum Heater Bands

55 gallon, 30 gallon & 5 gallon pail heater bands keep everything flowing smoothly

Heat your steel drum contents quickly or keep everything warm with a Morse 1500 watt, 4" (10.2 cm) wide drum heater band. 55 gallon drum heating equipment from Essex Drum Handling makes heating your large barrels easy. Get barrel heater bands to warm up the contents of your 55 gallon drums and make sure everything is ready to flow when you need it to be. Call Essex Drum Handling Today for pricing or click on the link below to shop our products.

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Essex Drum Handling offers a line of flexible drum heater bands for your steel, fiber or plastic drums and 5 gallon pails. Get the drum heater band you need to keep the contents of your barrels from freezing solid.  Perfect for plastic or metal barrels or 5 gallon pails.