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5 Gallon Drum Heaters
Drum Heater Models - Morse Drum Handling Equipment
Flexible drum heaters for your pail or can

Morse drum heaters conduct heat through the pail wall to the product inside. Adjust the thermostat to automatically maintain the correct temperature.

Easy to use, flexible drum heaters provide a simple, effective and reliable way to heat the contents of your pails.

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Variety of drum heaters available for all of your drum handling needs.

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Electric Drum Heaters and Pail Heaters

 Electric Drum Heaters and Pail Heaters
Heat your steel drum contents quicker with a Morse 1500 watt,
4" (10.2 cm) wide drum heater band!

  • Cover a large area with wide drum heater band
  • High wattage drum heaters with adjustable temperature control
  • Durable for long-term use in industrial environments
  • Various sizes for all your drums and pails

Flexible drum band heaters for your steel drum, or fiber and plastic drum heaters. Select the correct drum heater sized for 55-gallon (208 liter), 30-gallon (114 liter), 15-gallon (57 liter) drum, or a 5-Gallon (19 liter) pail heater for your plastic pail, metal can or bucket.

Morse drum heaters conduct heat through the drum wall to the product inside. To automatically maintain the correct temperature, adjust the thermostat.
We have barrel heaters for various sizes, from a 5 gallon drum up to 55 gal drums. Drum band heaters for metal drums can operate at higher temperatures and therefore, work faster. We also have more gentle drum band heaters for your plastic and fiber drums.
Keep products warm and fluid with a Morse Drum Heater. Just wrap the right heater around your drum, and it’ll stay warm and cozy in there.
Easy to use, these flexible drum heater models provide a simple, effective and reliable way to heat the contents of your drums. We have a drum band heater for your steel, plastic or fiber drum. We even have 5-gallon pail heaters.

Thermostats on drum heaters allow you to raise the temperature of the product in your drum, then maintain that temperature +/-10°.

  • Heaters for metal drums have an adjustable thermostat for a control range of 50° to 425° F (10° to 218° C)

  • Heaters for plastic and fiber drums have a 50° to 160° F (10° to 71° C) thermostat.

Morse drum heaters:

  • Heat your 55 gallon steel drum with a 1500 watt 4" wide band and 50° to 425° F thermostat
  • Heat your 55 gallon plastic drum with a 300 watt 4" wide band and 50° to 160° F thermostat
  • Morse oil drum heaters are made of flexible, tough wide fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber which conforms to the curvature of the drum. Simply wrap the drum heater around your drum, attach the spring and hook arrangement, then plug the drum heater in. Ensure the drum heater is properly positioned below the content level of the drum. The band heater provides uniform heat. Two or more drum heaters may be used on the same drum for faster warming.

    Uses for your Drum Heater or Pail Heater

    • Use the correct model to heat the contents of a steel, plastic or fiber drum
    • Melt or preheat process ingredients
    • Control viscosity or temperature for handling processes
    • Heat drums to protect against freezing
    • Speed flow of liquids with a drum heater
    • Promote dissolution and reduce residue
    Typical Applications for electric drum heaters and pail heaters are chemicals, oils, greases, fats, molasses, adhesives, plastics, mastics, resins, syrups, and a variety of liquid food products.
    • Maintain liquid temperatures in water purification systems
    • Use oil drum heaters to raise and maintain temperature during biodiesel production
    • Maintain liquid resin at optimum temperature
    • Maintain viscosity of chemical binder in sand casting mold operation

    Drum Heaters

    • 115V band heaters are equipped with six foot cord and plug.
    • 230V band heaters have a six foot cord. Customer supplies plug.
    • A built-in metal screen is grounded electrically for safety.
    • Built-in thermostat is fully adjustable over the range of the drum heater


    • Morse electric drum heaters and pail heaters are NOT for use with "flammables"
    • Do not use a drum heater or pail heater in explosion hazard areas
    • Ensure drum heaters and pail heaters are in full contact with the drum or pail BELOW the level of liquid
    • Do not bend a drum heater sharply as this may cause internal damage to the heating element
    • Open the drum bung to allow for expansion of contents when heating
    • All applications require temperature monitoring for safety and accurate results while using drum heater

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